5 New Original Animes Announced by Netflix

Fans of anime can rejoice as Netflix has announced a further 5 new Original Animes!

Over the past few years, Netflix has invested a lot of money in bringing plenty of Asian content to a worldwide audience. With the additional 17 new titles announced this will take the total amount of Asian Originals both new and returning to over 100.

Netflix’s most recent press release[1] was a showcase of their focus on the Asian market. Within the 17 new Asian Originals announced, 5 of which are brand new anime titles. There are no release dates as of yet for the new animes but here is everything we know right now about them. Netflix already has a lot of anime scheduled for future releases[2] and with the addition of 5 further Originals, it’s a great time to have a Netflix subscription.

Pacific Rim (Release: TBA)

Fans of the franchise will be overjoyed to hear that Pacific Rim is getting its very own anime series. The series will return and expand upon the story of the first 2 films with the narrative focused on two siblings. To find their parents the sibling pair is forced to pilot an abandoned Jaeger to cross the hostile world. The brother is described as an idealistic teenager while his younger sister is the more naive of the two.

The series is being led by co-showrunners Craig Kyle who previously worked on Thor: Ragnarok and Greg Johnson, who worked on the X-Men: Evolution series that ran for 4 seasons from 2000 to 2004.

Production is of the anime is being handled by Legendary Entertainment.

Altered Carbon (Release: TBA)

Choosing to expand upon the universe of which Netflix has built the popular Original sci-fi series is also getting an anime. While it is unconfirmed what narrative the story will follow it will take place in the same universe as the live action series and will expand upon the mythology of its world.

Fans of Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop will be happy to hear that writer Dai Sato is the co-writer of the series alongside fellow writer Tsukasa Kondo. Production of the anime will be dealt with by animation studio: Anima.

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